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Ongoing Updates

SSPO Preparation Package

TNT and the OACP have created an in-depth SSPO package that will better assist you in preparing for your Part B exam.

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Valid ATS Certificate Holders

For those applicants who a completely valid and non expired ATS certificate in whole, please contact [email protected] for further information and instructions

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This is the official RCMP pre-hiring testing site. With the help and support of TNT, we can assist you in the journey toward your career as an RCMP Officer.

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Revolutionizing Police Hiring

The New TNT Certificate for RCMP applicants in Ontario only

The RCMP is now piloting the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Certificate Program for Ontario applicants. This process is the RCMP's pre-screening tool to help us assess your suitability for police work by evaluating your:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Personality
  • Fitness

Commonly Asked Questions

Below we listed some commonly asked questions to help better serve you!

TNT Certificate on Behalf of RCMP

TNT Certificate Pre-Requisite

Who requires a TNT Certificate?

You are required to obtain a TNT Certificate if:

  • You’re a resident of Ontario
  • You applied or are planning on applying to become an RCMP police officer on May 15, 2020, or later

Please note, a TNT certificate is not required to apply to the RCMP if you currently have an OACP Certificate issued within 2020

TNT Certificate on Behalf of RCMP

Hearing and Vision

What if I already completed my RCMP or OACP vision and hearing package?

Great News!

This means you are not required to conduct any further hearing and vision testing as long as you met the standard on either form.

The RCMP will be accepting the OACP medical examination package if you completed this package and have met the standards.

TNT Certificate on Behalf of RCMP

OACP Certificate Acceptance

What if I already have a certificate issued by the OACP?

The RCMP will be accepting OACP issued certificates and fully valid ATS CoR issued certificates.

If you have a certificate that has been issued by ATS, this will not be considered acceptable. You will be required to Please note, if you currently have a valid OACP Certificate, OACP Certificate of Equivalency or ATS issued certificate, then you will not be required to complete a TNT Certificate.

Please ensure you have the certificate scanned on your computer as this will be requested upon application.

TNT Certificate on Behalf of RCMP

Benefits of this Pilot Project?

What are the benefits of the RCMP requiring a TNT Certificate for Ontario Applicants?

A few of the anticipated benefits of this pilot project are:

  • It takes on average two weeks to obtain a TNT Certificate for Ontario Applicants – much shorter than the current average processing time for the RCMP
  • Your application will be fast-tracked throughout the RCMP recruiting process
  • Your in-person assessments will be completed online using a proctored system with ProctorFree
  • You can use the certificate to apply to other municipal police agencies listed on the OACP website
  • Your TNT Certificate for Ontario Applicants is valid for 12 months (extended to 18 months if issued in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic)
TNT Certificate on Behalf of RCMP

Contacting a Recruitment Office

What if I have questions for an RCMP Recruiter unrelated to the TNT Certificate?

The RCMP has local recruitment units in all provinces across Canada!

Please click the link here in order to get in touch with your local RCMP recruitment detachment.

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Who is TNT?

TNT Justice Consultants is the official pre-hire testing administrators for the Ontario Association Chiefs of Police (OACP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). TNT is a professional consulting service that contains a number of diversity experts, community specialists, mental health professionals, and subject matter experts who were former police officers. We strive to deliver a high-quality platform that aims to redefine the recruitment process and standard for Police Organizations on both the municipal and federal levels. TNT Justice Consultants are committed to working closely with our police services across the province and country to ensure we are providing the optimum quality service for police organizations and applicants alike. Lastly, TNT Justice Consultants offers a multitude of training platforms in the area of diversity training, expert witness testimony, leadership and management, and intensive training for officers, just to name a few. We encourage you to visit our website, tntconsulting.ca, for further information.

Curious About Our Assessments?

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TNT is committed to full compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Accordingly, we are prepared to provide support and alternatives that address the accessibility and accommodation needs of any applicants applying to the RCMP. Should you require accessibility support or have an accommodation need, please contact us for assistance through our “Contact Us” page.