Certificate Guide


TNT has developed a comprehensive guide page to assist applicants in understanding and preparing for the pre-screening process! Below you will see a step-by-step outline of the entire TNT Certificate Process. This page will highlight the journey ahead in starting your career in policing and will also help guide you along the beginning of this journey.

Understanding & Meeting Police Pre-Requisites

What is Needed

As a police officer, you will play a key role in ensuring public safety, crime prevention, and overall community well-being. How you perform your daily duties impacts society and is critical to achieving a safer community. Much of your career will be based on relationship building with the members of your communities and working together to improve safety. As a police officer, you will have many opportunities to grow and explore beyond general patrol duties that will further emphasize your role in maintaining public safety.
These opportunities include specialized investigative and enforcement functions such as protective policing, detective services, drug enforcement, homicide investigation, tactical and canine support, organized crime enforcement, and many more!
Police Officers must conform to a specific standard and be able to attain a specific criteria. This list of pre-requisites is exhaustive and vary from one police service to another police service. In Canada, there are specific requirements you must attain in order to have your application considered as eligible. Please ensure you are well aware of the pre-requisites in full prior to pursuing the TNT Certificate, as it is encouraged to meet each of them before beginning this process.
If you are applying to the RCMP, please click here (https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/qualifications-and-requirements) to view their qualifications and pre-requisities.

Lastly, as a Police Officer, you will have a significant role in building and maintaining the public trust. You must uphold the highest ethical standards, both on and off-duty. To apply as a police officer, you must conform to certain standards. These Behaviour Standards can be viewed here (https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/good-character).

Start Your Career

To obtain the TNT certificate, please start by visiting the “Start your Career” page. Once you are on the “start your career page”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “TNT Certificate”. From here, you must read the product description then proceed to “Add to Cart” then “Proceed to Checkout”. Once you have filled the necessary information and made the purchase, you will receive a receipt email from PayPal. Within 24 business hours of your purchase, you will receive the Part A package via email.

Emailed Package

Within the 24 business hours, you will receive 3 separate emails from our customer service team called: Part A, Part B and Part C. Upon receiving this email, the Part A package will outline all necessary steps in order to proceed into your Part B and Part C exams. Please ensure you review this email carefully as a number of items will be required from you in order to move forward.

Required Documents

Upon receiving the Part A email, you will be required to submit the following documentation:

-Consent & Release of Liability
-Examination Rules & Procedures

Once you have submitted these documents to TNT, you will then be able to proceed with your Part B & Part C exams.

Preparing for your Exams

In your Part B and Part C emails, we outline a description of what the exams will be based on. We strongly encourage you to take the time and prepare for these exams. As they are conducted and proctored online, you will have only one opportunity to write these exams. After completing the exams, you will have to wait one year in order to re-write both exams. Upon purchasing the certificate, the examinations do not expire. We do not expire these exams because we want to encourage applicants to take all of the additional time needed to prepare for these exams.  

Conducting your Exams

Upon submitting your Examination Form and Consent Form, our team will contact you to inform that we will now process your ProctorFree account. This means within 24 business hours of sending this confirmation, you will receive an email ProctorFree to create a profile. Once you have created an account with ProctorFree, you will have access to the Part B and C examination. In order to conduct these exams, you will need to ensure that you meet the systematic requirements for ProctorFree in order to commence the recording and examination on your laptop. You are responsible for ensuring your system can process and administer the exam.

Certificate Issued

Once you have concluded the exams, you will receive another email from our Customer Service Team informing you that we will now commence proctoring footage review process. During this period of 3-5 days, we review all proctoring footage to ensure the rules of examination were met. Once our team confirms the footage has been cleared, our team will then proceed to issue your TNT certificate.

You can now start the application process with the applicable police service. An important part of the preparation stage includes the completion of your: Medical Examination Package, Fitness Logs/Journals and any further documentation that was stipulated in the police services pre-requisites.